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5 Yoga Props to Support Your Practice

Most of the time all that you need for your yoga practice is a yoga mat. But not all of us are super flexible and can perform asanas with the correct alignment. Sometimes you are nursing an injury and need to work around it. This is where many of the yoga props come into play to support your regular practice.

Regular yoga practitioners can benefit from using these yoga props to help them go deeper into an asana. This is necessary when you don’t have your Yoga teacher physically guiding you to feel the stretch extensively. This is even more applicable in today’s time as more of you shift to online yoga sessions.

Yoga Blocks

You might have seen and used them in your Yoga studios. They help you attempt asanas that seem out of reach for you at first. For example, you can use Yoga Blocks to practice Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) by placing your hand on the block instead of the floor. This helps you stay balanced on one leg and open up your hips and chest at the same time. You can also use them to add height when you perform asanas like Paschimottanasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana, and Marichyasana A or C.

Yoga blocks are made up of different materials. So pick the one that you feel more comfortable with. There are foam, cork, and wooden blocks. The wooden blocks are obviously the heaviest but also offer sturdy support. You can use them at three different heights based on your flexibility level today.

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Yoga Belt

Are tight shoulders preventing you from catching your foot in Ardha Baddha Padma Uttanasana? Or Yoga Mudra? A yoga belt can help you bind your hand around your waist in a myriad of asanas. You can also do a jugaad and use a towel, but a belt is longer and the loops help you secure the belt in place when you need it to be.

Most of the belts are made of fabric and have a steel loop at one end. These are easily available on Amazon.

Yoga Wheel

Yoga Wheel is a much fancier accessory for your yoga practice. It is a great prop to use when attempting intense backbend asanas like Kapotasana. Yoga Wheel helps warm up the spine and keeps you injury-free. It can also be used to add challenges to your yoga practice by testing your stability and core strength.

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Yoga Bolsters

Yoga practice is not always about getting to a headstand or a flying pigeon. Restorative yoga practice allows you to feel the stretch in asanas without physically exerting your body. This allows your mind to calm down and feel relaxed. You can use Yoga Bolsters to support your torso in poses like child’s pose, seated forward bends, and twisting asanas. They also help elevate your hips in certain seated poses. It can even be used to support your back during Shavasana and Vipareeta Karni.

Yoga Blankets

Yoga blankets are probably one of the most multipurpose props out of there. You can use it as an emergency yoga mat. You can also use it to support your knees during asanas like Anjaneyasana, Cat-Cow pose, and Ustrasana. It can also serve as an extra cushioning to help you sit for longer during meditation.

Knee Pads

If you are in the mood to splurge instead of using a regular towel or blanket to protect your knees during your practice, then knee pads are the answer. There are many knee pads out there that will help you stay on your knees longer, especially in asanas like Kapotasana, Vyaghrasana, and Anjaneyasana.

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