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Real Experiences, Stunning Results

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Anupama, 46, Bengaluru

The best part of the program was that there was NO diet plan. Since I do all the cooking in the house, having a separate diet plan for myself has always proved to be a challenge, and then one eventually gives up. 
Instead of fully changing what I eat, she just made a few tweaks here and there that were very easy to incorporate. Adding protein helped me lose some inches, take care of my joint pains (I hardly have any pain anymore), and take care of my fatigue

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Naveen, 39, Bengaluru

Naveen lost up to 5kgs in the 90 days program despite all the challenges he had to overcome. His job comes with a lot of travel so eating home-cooked and balanced meals was a challenge for him. Focusing on a high-protein breakfast with a focus on adding sufficient fiber helped take care of his protein needs as a runner.

He did some research and found a place for his lunch that served a well-balanced plant-based meal which reduced his dependence on fast food outlets.

He didn't have to give up on his occasional whiskey to get closer to his goals.


Shreya, 19, Bengaluru

The biggest challenge for me was that I was very keen on getting fit but didn’t know what to do to get there. Thank you for always motivating me to push myself to achieve things that I thought would not be possible and also for the guidance you gave me and for teaching me about prioritizing my mental and physical health. Your very easy meal plans which are according to our daily activities and lifestyle worked for me very well. The best part of the program was the constant motivation you gave and keeping regular track of how I’m progressing is what I liked the most.

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Client H, 35, Japan

I am very grateful to Hema for helping me in my weight loss journey.
I was very tired and lethargic after my delivery. Being a foodie it was very tough for me to reduce weight. My weight was stuck at 75 for a year. My weight did not go down despite doing all the chores at home and handling the baby. But Hema explained to me how to manage my meals and practice portion control. I lost 6kgs in 6 weeks while handling 2 kids and eating home-cooked meals. I feel positive about my fitness journey and hope to reach my goal weight soon.

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