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Hemalatha Anirudh

I quit my job as a Software Engineer in February 2022 to pursue my passion for health and wellness.  As someone who had a very sedentary lifestyle, I understand the challenges and the health issues that arise out of that lifestyle. I lost 10kg in 2021 and reversed my decade-long PCOS with the right nutrition and workout regimen. This inspired me to get certified in Nutrition so that I can help others reach their health goals and reverse the metabolic issues that a desk job brings with it. 


I started running in the year 2015 and love training for races. Half Marathon is my favorite distance.

I took up Yoga to complement my running and I am a Level 1 Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

I have a Nutrition Certification from International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and a Level 1 certification from Precision Nutrition(PN).

I enjoy reading and cooking. I love finding healthier and low-calorie alternatives to most delicious meals. Feel free to check the recipe section in the blog for more of those. 


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