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Fitness 101: Essential Gear for Starting Your Workout Routine

Are you new to working out? If you have recently started to include strength training to your routine, then here are some essentials that are a must-have.

  1. Yoga Mat

  2. Dumbbells

  3. Kettlebell

  4. Resistance Band

  5. Gloves

Yoga Mat

Most basic yoga mats online are made of hazardous materials and don't last a long time. So invest in a good mat and keep them away from your pets. (Trust me, I learnt it the hard way).

These are 3 yoga mats that I have found to be good to hold postures and provide the required joint support. The Tego mat has been with me for the last 5 years and has supported intense practice.


If you have started lifting weights or want to start, then dumbbells are a must have. Buy a pair of dumbbells that you know you can handle and another heavier pair to make progress with.


Kettlebells are a great equipment to add variety to your strength training. I personally use it for Goblet Squats and compound exercises like Squat and Press.

Resistance Bands

You can use resistance bands to increase the intensity level of bodyweight workouts. There are closed loop bands and open bands to choose from. Closed loop bands can be used for lower-body exercises and open bands can be used to work your upper body. These are travel friendly too and help you workout wherever you are.

I use the Decathlon ones and like how affordable and durable they are.

Loop Bands Set on Amazon


If you have started lifting heavy and would want to avoid callouses on your hand, then gym gloves are a great buy for you.


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